Which card is right for me?

About the card
Chicago Card
Chicago Card
Chicago Card Plus
Chicago Card Plus
A faster way to board and pay on CTA buses and at train stations. Fares are protected (if registered). The convenience and speed of Chicago Card, plus online account management and added fare options.
Adding Value
Use cash or credit cards* at vending machines in stations or at Touch-n-Go locations. Automatically reloads with your selected payment method online or through the Transit Benefit Fare Program.
Checking Value
Check at vending machines or at Touch-n-Go locations. Check value online or by calling CTA Customer Service.
Fare types
Pay-per-use (fares are deducted from card balance as you go). Pay-per-use or 30-Day Pass (unlimited rides for 30-day period).
Optional. Required, including e-mail address.

*Credit card vending machines are only at select station locations.
**Registering your card allows you to recover value in the event your card is lost or stolen.